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Schettgen, Peter [Hrsg.], Kreativitaet statt Kampf! Aikido-Erweiterungen in The

Die Illustrirte Welt .:. 8. Jahrgang / 1860

Palmer .:. The Intuitive Body

Mathys, Fritz K., Ist die schwarze Koechin da? Alte Kinderspiele.

[Weisgerber, Leo] Zweiseitiger handschriftlicher Brief von Leo Weisgerber vom 3

Tanner .:. Gelegenheitsgaben


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Nishio Shoji, Shomenuchi 2 - Nishio Aikido Volume 4.
Nishio Shoji, Shomenuchi 2 - Nishio Aikido Volume 4. PAL. 39 min229 g * Contents: irimi, kotegaeshi, nikyo, sankyo, oyowaza with taijutsu and ken variations.
Nishio Shoji | Aikido
Buchnummer 78222 CHF 80.00 | EUR 70.40
Shifflett .:. Aikido Exercises
Shifflett, C.M., Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training. Merrifield: Round Earth Publ., 1999. xiv, 280 pages with illustrations, bibliography and index. Paperback. 395 g * A thorough training guide for aikido enthusiasts of all persuasions, Shifflet explains the rationale behind the exercises and addresses common questions and concerns of students and teachers.
ISBN 1-55643-314-x | Shifflett | Aikido
Buchnummer 68368 CHF 39.80 | EUR 35.02
O'Connor, Greg, The Aikido Student Handbook.
O'Connor, Greg, The Aikido Student Handbook. Berkeley 1993. 108 pp. Paperback. 165 g * A guide to the philosophy, spirit, etiquette and training methods of aikido.
O Connor | Aikido
Buchnummer 68369 CHF 25.00 | EUR 22.00
Meyer, Ron and Mark Reeder, Center.
Meyer, Ron and Mark Reeder, Center. The Power of Aikido. Based on Studies with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei. Berkeley 2000. xxv, 111 pp. Paperback. 257 g * The book "describes a means of physically connecting with your partner that allows you to effortlessly control the attack (...). I recommend it to anyone who wants to go beyond technique to the root of his or her art." John Stone.
Meyer Ron | Aikido
Buchnummer 68370 CHF 29.80 | EUR 26.22
Aikido Journal # 118. Vol.
Aikido Journal # 118. Vol. 26, Nr. 3. Tokyo 1999. 66 S. 225 g * Editorial - Looking Back at the All-Japan Aikido Demo by Stanley Pranin; Letters to the Editor; Interview with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba by Stanley Pranin; Interview with Yoshinkan Dojo-cho Kyoichi Inoue; Takemusu Aiki (3) by Morihei Ueshiba; 37th All-Japan Aikido Demonstration Pictorial; Millenium Hug from Down Under by David Lynch; Aikido and Nationalism by Peter Goldsbury; Takemusu Aikido - Katatedori iriminage by Morihiro Saito; Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai - Tachiwaza kakarite by Takeshi Kawabe & Hakaru Mori; O-Sensei‚s Songs of the Way (6) by Seiseki Abe; Aikido in Latin America by Wagner Bull; Heard in the Dojo; Calendar of Events; Books & Tapes.
Aikido Journal | Aikido
Buchnummer 70505 CHF 12.00 | EUR 10.56
Stevens, John, The Shambala Guide to Aikido.
Stevens, John, The Shambala Guide to Aikido. Boston 1996. ix, 132 S. kart. 227 g * Aikido is the "Art of Peace," a discipline that emphasizes harmony and the peaceful resolution of conflict, practiced by over a hundred thousand Westerners. Far more than a self-defense technique, Aikido is a physical and spiritual discipline that aims at unifying the body and spirit with the natural forces of the universe, fostering compassion, wisdom, and fearlessness. This book serves as an accessible introduction to the basic principles and practices of this popular martial art. The topics covered include: the biography of the Founder ot Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba; the fundamental training methods and techniques, illustrated by dozens of photographs; the philosophical and spiritual dimensions; the distinctive styles of the principal schools; a glossary of words commonly encountered; suggestions for further reading.
ISBN 1-57062-170-5 | Stevens John | Aikido
Buchnummer 70274 CHF 25.00 | EUR 22.00
Saotome Mitsugi, Aikido and the Harmony of Nature.
Saotome Mitsugi, Aikido and the Harmony of Nature. Boston, London: Shambala 1993. 251 S. mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. kart. 4to. * "Aikido and the Harmony of Nature reveals the profound philosophical and ethical principles embodied in the art of Aikido and relates those principles to the laws of nature. It is among the clearest, deepest, and most inspiring books ever written on Aikido or, for that matter, on any martial art." -SUSAN PERRY, Editor-in-Chief, Aikido Today Magazine. HERE is a unique approach to the teachings of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted by his direct student of fifteen years. Mitsugi Saotome examines the spiritual philosophy of the Founder, the warrior ideals of feudal Japan as the basis of his martial arts philosophy, and the scientific principles underlying the philosophy of Aikido technique. The author shows that the physical movement of Aikido is the embodiment of principles of the spirit. Negative force is not countered with aggression but is controlled and redirected through the power and balance of spiral movement. This is the shape of Aikido and the dynamic shape at the foundation of all energies of existence. Aikido movement can only be understood from its roots in universal law and the processes of nature. The sincere practice and study of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's balance and brings us back into harmony with our environment, other people, and ourselves. Abundantly illustrated with the author's drawings, diagrams, and calligraphies, as well as photographs demonstrating Aikido techniques, the book also offers a history of Aikido, personal anecdotes about the Founder, and translations of several of his lectures. Mitsugi Saotome Sensei is the founder of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and the chief instructor at the Aikido Shobukan Dojo in Washington, D.C. He is also the author of The Principles ofAikido.
ISBN 0-87773-855-6 | Saotome Mitsugi | Aikido
Buchnummer 70271 CHF 48.00 | EUR 42.24
Aikido Journal # 115. Vol.
Aikido Journal # 115. Vol. 25, Nr. 3. Tokyo 1998. 66 S. 222 g * Interviews with Hideo Takahashi, Shizuo Imaizumi (2); Famous Budoka of Japan: Odagiri Ichiun; Takemusu Aikido: Ushiro ryokatadori kokyunage; Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai; Disarming knife attacks; O-Sensei's Songs of the Way (3); A Defense of the IAF; IAF Speech of Yoshimitsu Yamada; Satsujinken-Katsujinken; Tools for Harmony; Book Page etc.
Aikido Journal | Aikido
Buchnummer 70040 CHF 11.50 | EUR 10.12
Aikido Journal # 116. Vol.
Aikido Journal # 116. Vol. 26, Nr. 1. Tokyo 1999. 66 S. 218 g * Aikido Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba (1921-1999) Special Commemorative issue; Interviews with Masando Sasaki, John Goss; Tools for Harmony (2); Bowing to Reality; Takemusu Aikido: Katadori kokyunage; O-Sensei's Songs of the Way (4); Book Page etc.
Aikido Journal | Aikido
Buchnummer 70041 CHF 11.50 | EUR 10.12
Kraus, Andre und Winfried Wagner, Aikido.
Kraus, André und Winfried Wagner, Aikido. Die elegante Bewegungskunst. 2., verbesserte Auflage. Berlin 1998. 152 S. mit Fotos und Zeichnungen.
Kraus Andre | Aikido
Buchnummer 59780 CHF 27.50 | EUR 24.20
Rohrmann, Juergen, Aikido.
Rohrmann, Jürgen, Aikido. Ingersheim: Selbstverlag 1994. 176 S. mit Abb. kart. 286 g * Jürgen Rohrmann trainiert im "Osaka-Stil" von Kobayashi Hirokazu, der am 28.8.98 gestorben ist.
Rohrmann Juergen | Aikido
Buchnummer 59756 CHF 38.00 | EUR 33.44
Aikido Journal # 114. Vol.
Aikido Journal # 114. Vol. 25, Nr. 2. Tokyo 1998. 66 S. 223 g * Interviews with Shizuo Imaizumi, Seiseki Abe; Famous Budoka of Japan: Sekiun Harigaya; Takemusu Aikido: katatedory kokyunage; Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai; Disarming knife attacks; O-Sensei's Songs of the Way; A Defense of the IAF; The Knights of Mouldy Rope (3); Professor Yamashita Goes to Washington; The Psychology of Combat; Book Page etc.
Aikido Journal | Aikido
Buchnummer 58101 CHF 11.50 | EUR 10.12
Aïkido 3/98. 4.
Aïkido 3/98. 4. Jahrgang. Beaumont 1998. 56 S.
Aïkido 3 | Aikido
Buchnummer 56968 CHF 10.00 | EUR 8.80
Aïkido 2/98. 4.
Aïkido 2/98. 4. Jahrgang. Beaumont 1998. 56 S. * Schintoismus, Teil 8; Interviews mit Ostoff, Suga; Geschichte vom Schwert 3; Institut für Ki-Energetik; Buchbesprechungen; Lehrgangsberichte u.a.
Aïkido 2 | Aikido
Buchnummer 55583 CHF 10.00 | EUR 8.80
Homma Gaku, The Structure of Aikido Part.
Homma Gaku, The Structure of Aikido Part. Volume I: Kenjutsu and Taijutsu. Sword and Open-hand Movement Relationships. Berkeley: Blue Snake Books, 1997. 186 pages with illustrations. Paperback. 4to. 568 g * English. The Structure of Aikido Volume I, is a remarkable interpretation of the foundation of Aikido technique. Gaku Homma's in-depth study of the relationship between Japanese swordsmanship and open-hand movement unites tradition with the contemporary development of the art of Aikido. Although the study of Kenjutsu and Aikido have long been associated, this is the first book in which actual Aikido techniques are related to technique sequences used with the sword. 1600 frame-by-frame photos mirror the movement shared by both arts.
ISBN 1-883319-55-2 | Homma Gaku | Aikido
Buchnummer 55464 CHF 40.00 | EUR 35.20
Benedetti, Stephane, Aïkido.
Benedetti, Stephane, Aïkido. Le Livre du débutant. Genève: Editions du Soleil Levant 1997. 143 S. mit Abb.
Benedetti Stephane | Aikido
Buchnummer 54866 CHF 39.80 | EUR 35.02
Aïkido 1/98. 4.
Aïkido 1/98. 4. Jahrgang. Beaumont 1997. 56 S. * Schintoismus, Teil 7; Interviews mit Edmund Kern, Ikeda, Trevisan, Suga; Buchbesprechungen; Lehrgangsberichte u.a.
Aïkido 1 | Aikido
Buchnummer 53945 CHF 10.00 | EUR 8.80
Aïkido 4/97. 3.
Aïkido 4/97. 3. Jahrgang. Beaumont 1997. 52 S. * Schintoismus, Teil 6; Interview mit Renato Filippin, St.Gallen; Interview mit Edmund Kern; Aikido & Behinderung; Ikkyo von Tamura Shihan; Buchbesprechungen; Lehrgangsberichte u.a.
Aïkido 4 | Aikido
Buchnummer 53262 CHF 10.00 | EUR 8.80
Aïkido 3/97. 3.
Aïkido 3/97. 3. Jahrgang. Beaumont 1997. 52 S. * Schintoismus, Teil 5; Interview mit Endo Sensei; 18 Jahre Aikido-Institut München; Interview mit Renato Filippin, St.Gallen; Katsauki Asai zum 8.Dan; Buchbesprechungen; Lehrgangsberichte u.a.
Aïkido 3 | Aikido
Buchnummer 51899 CHF 10.00 | EUR 8.80
Ueshiba Morihei, BUDO.
Ueshiba Morihei, BUDO. Das Lehrbuch des Gruenders des Aikido. Heidelberg: Kristkeitz Verlag 1997. 136 Seiten, Grossformat, 441 Photos, gebunden mit Fadenheftung. 406 g * Das einzige Lehrbuch in dem O Sensei in gestellten Fotos Techniken demonstriert ist bereits 1938 entstanden, wurde aber erst vor wenigen Jahren in Englisch veröffentlicht.
ISBN 3-921508-57-6 | Ueshiba Morihei | Aikido
Buchnummer 51548 CHF 48.00 | EUR 42.24
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